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Finally, if you want to eject it to simulate unplugging it completely without physically unplugging it run diskutil eject diskXsX from the command line, or right-click the phone in Disk Utility and click the "Eject" button.

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If you are not using ADB or a similar program like Android File Transfer AFT then you will not be able to disconnect the device, because it never connected in the first place. In order for an android device to connect to a Unix system and by extension macOS you need to fulfill two conditions: The device must have developer mode enabled, and USB debugging turned on, or your device will auto-deny any requests from another computer to connect through USB.

How to mount and unmount drives in macOS and OS X from the command line

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To clarify, by "disconnect", do you mean you want to unmount it from the file system, or make it invisible to your computer? Also, if the former, would you like to be able to reconnect it without needing to unplug it and plug it back in? Unmount command doesn't remove a device. Right click the device icon and select eject is different, it CAN remove a device from the diskutil, and the only way to add it back is to physically replug it.

Mount & Unmount Drives from the Command Line in Mac OS X

Source for uhubctl is here GitHub page is here You'll need to compile it from source one way or another, either with make or via brew. You could also use Disk Utility to unmount the device. Alison E. I can't see the phone in diskutil nor can I use adb for that matter I have updated the answer with info that takes your situation in to account, if ADB will not work in general AFT can be used instead. Why, may I ask, is it that you cannot use ADB?

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Feb 4 '17 at Well, as far as Blackberry OS goes I believe it has been based on the Android Open Source Project for quite some time, so the solution should be the same for those two. You might be able to use the unmount command as root if it's a loop device.

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Join me if you're free: Using Multiple Desktops in Windows 10 goo. Unmounting an attached hard drive On my system I have two internal hard disks disk0 and disk1 , and one external USB drive disk2. Mounting an attached hard drive To mount the drive again, without having to take it out and plugging it in again, I can issue this command: Jay Versluis. Live on Twitter.

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