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Commands are listed below in the order that they appear in the Lua documentation. Name Syntax Description spawn spawn mega maw spawn 20 spawn The decimal format's syntax is as follows: Entering non-existent floors can lead to unexpected results and the large majority crash the game.

Seems to be bugged, as most grid entities appear as Spawns a gray spider familiar that wanders around and inflicts a random status effect on any enemies it comes into contact with. Occasionally spawns a blue spider upon clearing a room. Unlike Spider Mod, it will leave the damage as their raw values. Use a capital P to receive items starting with a P. You can use the alias of "g" to avoid typing out the whole command.

Also allows entrance into The Chest. Also allows entrance into the Dark Room. After dying, Isaac is teleported to the last safe room. New heart containers can be obtained after picking up this item, but after each death, the number of heart containers is set to 1 again. Adds a heart container and increases damage.

Root access on terminal (EN)

However, it does not reveal icons or secret rooms. Useful for video recording purposes or if you want to dispose of incriminating evidence. GetRoomEntities do if v: IsVulnerableEnemy then print v. MaxHitPoints end end Directly runs a line of Lua code. The first example simply prints "Hello World! You can use the alias of "l" to avoid typing out the whole command.

Paths are relative to the folder where the game is installed. This can be used to reload a mod without relaunching the game. Has no discernible in-game effect.

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Trivia [ edit edit source ] Stage 13 is the only non-standard stage that does not crash. It consists of 2x1 vertical rooms that have doors that only sometimes close, minimal enemies usually 2 of the same type , and uses the Caves background. The music is a single layer of either the Blue Womb , the Cellar , or the Burning Basement music, and only plays when enemies are in the room.

The boss is always The Duke of Flies , and no trapdoor or items spawn when the boss is defeated. Stage 13a is the same, but with the Depths background.

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The boss is always Monstro II. Stage 13b is the same, but with the Womb background. The boss is always The Duke of Flies.

Any variant beyond 13b is the same as stage The enemy spawn patterns are the same as the waves in Greed mode, suggesting that this stage is used to store the waves in the game. Entering "stage 8" in Greed or Greedier mode will grant access to The Void. Entering the chest will play the final ending instead of End 18 or Learn more.

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Learn more Method 1. It's a square icon with a half-light blue and half-dark blue smiley face. Alternatively, simply click on your desktop wallpaper. Click Go in the menu bar. It's at the top of the screen. Scroll down and double-click Terminal in the Utilities window. A terminal window will open. Method 2.

Accessing the Command Line in Recovery Mode on a Mac

Click the Spotlight icon. It's the magnifying glass in the upper-right corner of the screen. Start typing terminal in the search field. Do so until the Terminal icon appears. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Edit Related wikiHows.