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genuine Apple Mac Pro 64GB ram, 2 x ghz 6-core 2tb HD. Selling as our studio are selling out our accessories. We got 3 mac pro and i will be listing.

Can automatically draw rings and other structures - has all standard amino acids and nucleic acids in built-in library. Can retrieve structures from a network database based on CAS number, formula, or name. Can also retrieve information on a molecule in a drawing. This database was derived from PubChem data as of July Can draw symbols such as partial charge, radicals, etc. Can also read and write any format supported by the current release of OpenBabel. Online help, including tool tips. Simple pKa estimation. Octanol-water partition coefficient estimation. Reaction analysis: Integration with OpenBabel, allowing XDrawChem to read and write over 20 different chemical file formats.

See a screenshot of XDrawChem. A number of publishers are seeking to add extra value to publications by including access to chemical structure information to aid searching and indexing. More details are included in this comment from Elsevier. Elsevier would like to enrich online articles by visualising and providing details of chemical structures you define as the main chemical compounds described in your article.

For this purpose, mol files of the key compounds can be uploaded in EES. Please use your preferred drawing tool to export chemical structures as mol files and ensure that they are well defined and do not contain aromtic bonds, R-Groups or other variables. Submitted mol files will be available for downloading from your online article on ScienceDirect.

Furthermore, Elsevier will generate InChI keys from the mol files and include them in the online article, which increase the online searchability of your article e. InChI keys will also be used to link the article to additional data in Reaxys. Since you need to export each structure as an individual file this will become somewhat tedious, fortunately Brian Myers has written an applescript that greatly helps the process for ChemBioDraw users. The latest update to the increasingly popular chemical drawing package ChemDoodle has just been released.

ChemDoodle 6 is the latest update from iChemLabs and once again it supports Mac, Linux and Windows and works with most document creation packages. This is apparently a free upgrade for those who recently purchased ChemDoodle 5. I plan to write a review of ChemDoodle 6 when I have time but looking at the release notes this looks to be a substantial update. Remember also that there are also ChemDoodle Mobile. You can transfer structures between ChemDoodle desktop and ChemDoodle Mobile, to take with you into the lab.

The use of mobile devices in teaching has offered new opportunities and a recent presentation by Layne Morsch illustrates this quite nicely. The page has a couple of embedded videos that give more details. The other feature that is now becoming mainstream is the 3D-printing and since Chem3D can export in. CambridgeSoft have also produced their own videos of these apps in action. There was a blog entry on In the Pipeline about a bug in ChemDraw. Actually this has been known for a while and present in previous versions but it seems it still has not been fixed in the latest version of ChemBioDraw 13 on the Mac.

As you can see in the image below including explicit hydrogens in your structure significantly impacts the calculated LogP. At the moment there is no bug fix and no date set for a fix to any version of ChemBioDraw, the only approach is to avoid adding explicit hydrogens to structures if you want to calculate LogP. I just noticed that there are a couple of updates on my iPad, in particular ChemDraw and Chem3D for iPad have both been updated.

Chemical drawing | Macs in Chemistry

What is particularly appealing is that they certainly seem to be listening to their users with several of the top requested features now being incorporated. Perhaps unsurprisingly social media outlets Twitter and Facebook are now also supported. Chem3D now has the ability to pull more structures from public databases, perhaps in the next update of ChemDraw we might see the ability to pull structures from public databases such as ChemSpider?

A Free Comprehensive Chemical Drawing Package

The ability to add text boxes to structures and schemes will be very useful and will make this a more useful app for note taking. These are excellent updates and well worth installing. The Marvin package has been updated to include Marvin for Javascript and has been released.

It is a light-weight chemical editor suitable for generating standard chemical structures and simple queries on modern web browser pages without the need for installing Java. It provides all the essential features for quick and easy structure drawing as well as flexible editing options for molecular manipulations. There are a number of bug fixes.

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ChemDoodle Web Components 5. They have updated a few of the demos to show off this feature:. ChemDoodle mobile 1. About three decades ago I stopped using a stencil and a Rotring pen to create chemical structures for publications and started using ChemDraw on a Mac, at the time it transformed the standard of structures in publications and it has continued to set the standard for publication quality chemical structures.

Over the years the software has developed and moved into cheminformatics, spectroscopy and more recently biological drawing. So it is perhaps not surprising that I feel rather pleased that the iPad version is entitled simply ChemDraw. You can read a full review here. ChemAxon have announced an update to their desktop suite of applications. Many of you have bumped into the problem when the Gatekeeper Security of OS X Mountain Lion blocks launching applications downloaded not from the Apple store. In addition to desktop computers, the editor supports molecule editing on touch devices, including iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets.

This new molecule editor is compact, easy to use and easy to incorporate into web pages. OSRA 2. OSRA Optical Structure Recognition Application is a utility designed to convert graphical representations of chemical structures and reactions, as they appear in journal articles, patent documents, textbooks, trade magazines etc.

With this release the distribution model has been changed a bit: The Open Chemistry Group have just announced the availability of the first beta release of a suite of software packages for chemists. The second component of the suite is MoleQueue , a new tool to manage and execute computational tools either locally or on a remote machine or cluster.

The final element of this first beta release is a chemically aware database MongoChem built on MongoDB intended to address the need for researchers and groups to be able to effectively store, index, search and retrieve relevant chemical data. It uses Open Babel to provide the cheminformatics input.

Marvin 5. There is a page of mobile science applications here. Painting, Charge symbol on carbon atoms was missing when the atom numbers were visible and the display of carbon atom labels was turned off. When two atoms had more than one electron flow arrows between them, the electron flow arrows overlapped each other. The second electron flow arrow started from a wrong position when a single electron and an electron pair flow arrow started from an atom which had a lone pair and a radical as well.

SDF files having invalid header could not been imported. Nitrogens connecting two aromatic rings had radical after import if nitrogen was bracketed in the SMILES representation. Molecule Representation, Number of added implicit Hydrogen atoms were incorrect in some cases for positively charged sulfur atom.

Calculation, After canonical tautomer generation, the information of "double cis or trans" bond type might have been lost in certain cases. There are two main occasions when a chemical drawing package is needed, firstly as a front-end to a chemical database for creating structure-based queries, and secondly for creation of chemical structures in publications. Whilst many drawing packages are fine for query construction some are far from ideal for creating publication quality output.

The creation of 2D molecular structure diagrams that make full use of the capabilities of modern display systems, using only input data expressed in file formats used for cheminformatics, is a complex task that requires a number of additional algorithms. Assuming that atom positions have been well chosen, the rendering engine is required to micromanage the precise positioning of atom labels, bonds and atom adjuncts, in such a way that the final output is correct, consistent with convention, and as pleasing to the eye as a diagram produced by a graphic designer.

The techniques must be equally applicable when creating output for low-resolution screens and high resolution printed output, and make use of contemporary graphics file formats in such a way that the largest possible number of software platforms are able to display the output at any resolution without degradation or inconsistency. The main issues involved in meeting these criteria are discussed, and algorithms for satisfying them are presented. With the release of Marvin 5. Users can now also access a custom web-service to extend name to structure conversion - for instance, with corporate IDs or common name dictionaries.

Typing abbreviated group names is now case sensitive, When pasting unrecognised format onto the canvas, "Import as" dialog appears, and the user can choose the correct format. The complete release notes are available here. Dotmatics have announced an update to their chemical sketching application Elemental to version 1. No details of any changes are available. Chocolat a text editor for Mac OS X, that combines native Cocoa with powerful text editing tools has been updated. There are more text editors here. ChemAxon have just announced an update to Marvin the latest version is 5.

MacVector Inc have released a free version of MacVector. If you used a temporary trial license, then when the 21 days were up, MacVector would simply refuse to start unless you entered a new valid license code. With the release of MacVector Now, when the trial license or any annual license expires, MacVector will give you the option of continuing to work, but with reduced functionality.

All of the functions in the Analyze menu become disabled, but you can still open, edit, save and print MacVector documents, or save MacVector files in other formats. ChemDoodle Web Components 5 is a massive update. The most notable addition is a Full Sketcher, for drawing multiple molecules, shapes and figures, in addition to the Single Molecule Sketcher already provided. The entire codebase has been reoptimized and cleaned, doubling the performance in desktop browsers and more than quadrupling the performance in mobile browsers.

All Canvases now handle managing multiple molecules and shapes. Many new additions have been added and dozens of bug fixes have been implemented. We will be unrolling our new proprietary options over the next month, but of course, everything is available for free today under the GPL license! There is a tutorial for using ChemDoodle web components here. As I mentioned in my recent review of MOE there is now support for using Marvin as an external 2D chemical drawing package, but what happens if you want to use another drawing package? Well that is where Applescript comes to the rescue, using Applescript support for shell scripts and one line of SVL scientific vector language we can use ChemBioDraw as the external editor.

Full details of the script are here. The Applescript section contains more tutorials, scripts and resources. Chemaxon have just posted a link to Marvin for JavaScript on their blog. This live JavaScript implementation is a light-weight chemical editor suitable for generating basic chemical structures and queries on modern web browser pages.

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  6. There are more chemical editors here. Serious problems with the security of the java browser plugin, together with a series of ongoing and unresolved stability issues mean that this developer is looking elsewhere. Those currently using this feature are encouraged to find an alternative. There is a collection of software reviews here. Marvin from ChemAxon has been updated to version 5.

    Names followed by a superscript text, for instance, a reference or footnote number e. Name to Structure n2s In some cases, such as "4-methylthiophenylmethyl", there is an ambiguity whether "thiophenyl" refers to a compound derived from thiophene or thiophenol. Name to Structure now gives priority to the thiophenol related compound interpretation; though, "thiophenyl" by itself will still be supported as thiophene derivatives.

    The default values were charge "in a circle", lone pair "as line", peptide "three letter format". Image copy also used these values. Atom containing both aliphatic and unsaturated query properties were exported incorrectly to MDL formats. SDF import returned structure with incorrect S-group embedding.

    Molecule Representation S-groups Two superatom S-groups being each others' parents caused infinite loop. In these cases, now java.


    IllegalStateException is thrown. Valence Check Phosphorous atom in hexafluorophosphate was not accepted by Valence Check. Clean 2D Terminal methyl-group in phosphate-ester was cleaned incorrectly. Clean2D could not handle condensed adamantane derivatives. The --pH command line option did not work in hydrogen bond acceptor-donor calculation. Structure Checker If fixer action was not defined, default fixer was not applied in structurechecker command line tool.

    ChemDoodle 5 includes significant new features and improvements, including:. Open enventory is an integrated laboratory journal with a literature database and inventory program.

    how to use chemdraw

    This version of ChemBioDraw released in August is the first release since Cambridgesoft became part of Perkin-Elmer and there are a significant number of changes. This is the first version to be released since the introduction of Mac OS X In addition the ChemDraw plugin is now supported in 64 bit mode and Microsoft Office is supported.

    Avogadro is a free, open source, cross-platform molecular editor designed for flexible use in computational chemistry, molecular modeling, bioinformatics, materials science, and related areas. See the Release Notes: For more information: ChemDoodle Mobile is a calculator for drawn organic structures. There are four main windows: Draw, Calculate, Spectra and Help. The Help page contains a detailed help guide. Calculations 1. Molecular Formula 2. Molecular Mass 3. Monoisotopic Mass 4. Degree of Unsaturation 5.

    Hydrogen Bond Acceptors 6. Hydrogen Bond Donors 7. Average Molecular Polarizability 8. Molar Refractivity 9. Polar Surface Area Mass Parent Peak Isotopic Distribution 2. There are more apps on the mobile science page. Elemental is the Dotmatics chemistry sketch utility provided at no charge. There is a listing of science apps for iOS here and a comparison of drawing packages here. I just noticed ChemDoodle web components have been updated. This significant update improves performance and graphics for both 2D and 3D components.

    PDB file reading has been optimized on the Javascript side, and you can now control the resolution of protein and nucleic meshes, leading to significantly faster loading. Two new spectrum components have been added, OverlayCanvas which draws several spectra in the same domain, and SeekerCanvas which shows plot coordinate information. You might want to have a look at this review and this tutorial. JSDraw 1. Supporting superatoms: And developers are able to use custom superatom table.

    To download JSDraw: As part of my day job I maintain Drug Discovery Resources a website intended to act as a resource for scientists undertaking drug discovery. One part of the site has a section on bioisosteres including many examples http: The structures are then dropped onto webpages created using RapidWeaver, within RapidWeaver there is an option to add dropped shadows to images. I was recently asked whether there was any other way to create the same effect and Matt at macosxtips suggested using ImageMagick.

    This applescript droplet allows you to do so by simply dropping the file. Version 3. This joins a list of javascript powered chemical drawing tools. It seems pretty fully featured but I have to confess I prefer a rather more minimalist interface with templates, elements available from menus. However drawing packages are very much a personal preference.

    Elemental from Dotmatics a Chemistry Sketch Utility. Elemental is the Dotmatics chemistry sketch utility provided at no charge within many Dotmatics products.

    ACD/ChemSketch for Academic and Personal Use

    There is a list of mobile science apps here. Two major usability enhancements:. I was reminded that whilst scripting menu items was the traditional way of controlling ChemDraw the more recent releases allow control by scripting commands. This is a major advance since menus can change or be translated into other languages.

    I was asked if it would be possible to do the same thing for other drawing packages such as MarvinSketch? The answer is yes but because MarvinSketch does not have applescript support we have to do it slightly differently. ChemCore is the chemiformatics foundation of all of the Metamolecular products and services. Written in Java and cross-compilable to a number of target runtimes and platforms, ChemCore is both fast and flexible. MolPrime is a chemical structure drawing tool based on the unique sketcher from the Mobile Molecular DataSheet.

    Added to the Mobile Science Page. There is also a comparison of six chemical drawing packages here. There are more tutorials here and a selection of software reviews here. The js file is renamed to Scilligence.

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    Just as an OCR can recognize characters from a scanned images of printed text, CLiDE can recognize structures, reactions and text from scanned images of printed chemistry literature. The software saves users hours of redrawing structures from printed material, as it transforms the 'images' into a 'real structures' that can then be input into databases. ChemBioDraw Chemical drawing. ChemDoodle 9. Roundtrip editing with ChemDraw Molecular Materials Informatics Apps 09 02 Nature Style guide for chemical structures 13 11 A review of ChemDraw 17 09 10 ChemDoodle Web Components updated 06 07 SketchEl 2 03 06 ChemDraw Innovation Challenge 27 03 Molecule Viewers and sketchers for iOS 08 03 ChemOffice and ChemDraw version SketchEl2 Chemical Sketcher 09 01 ChemDraw 16 Review 14 11 ChemDraw 16 08 11 ChemBioDraw and Word 15 08 03 ChemDoodle 8 released 20 01 Finding Duplicate structures 04 08 Scientific Applications under Yosemite 20 04 Round trip editing 06 03 ChemDoodle Web Components 7 is Available 03 02 ChemDoodle 7 07 12 ChemDoodle 7 Review 25 09 ChemDoodle 7 released 01 09 ChemAxon 6.

    ChemDoodle Web Components Updated 11 06 ChemDoodle Update 10 06 A first look at ChemBioDraw 14 28 05 ChemPencil and ChemEquate 01 05 Survey on ChemBioDraw 08 04 Elemental updated 04 04 Elemental for iOS 28 03 Still waiting for an update? Create Inspiring Graphics and Art. Companion Apps for iOS and Android. Customers ChemDoodle works on all operating systems and is used in thousands of institutions around the Reviews ChemDoodle is reviewed by major journals, magazines and scientists.

    Testimonials Here are testimonials from brilliant and successful scientists that use ChemDoodle to complement their skills. What is new in ChemDoodle 9 A new user manual discusses all the new features in detail over several pages, too many to list here. An improved text tool that can create both atom text and formatted captions. Draw chiral carbon nanotubes in addition to zigzag and armchair.

    Chemical structures drawing software

    New dynamic brackets and structure highlights. Better drawing tools for advanced figures. Chemistry — State-of-the-art implementation of the most recent CIP rules.