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genuine Apple Mac Pro 64GB ram, 2 x ghz 6-core 2tb HD. Selling as our studio are selling out our accessories. We got 3 mac pro and i will be listing.

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Click my dragon egg! I know you want to! Quote from 3rdTactical. Quote from SuperPiggy I use screen record pro it cost like 4 bucks but it barely lags unless I'm sky ping at the same time.

I tried quicktime and it lags sooo badly on anything. The RAM really does not matter. What year computer do you have?

Top 5 Free Screen Recorders for Mac

Also, what you really need is a faster processor. I recommend TekServe. They might be able to boost your computer's speed. Whenever I try to use Quicktime, the video comes out terribly because the WHOLE time, the screen spazzes seizure flashes of blue emptyness every second.

Try Screenflow no lag, it has a trial version and it's really good but if you wan't more feauture you have to buy it. I'd recomend screen flow for recording. There are probably many youtube videos on how to do that. I'm getting a new raedon graphics card and hopefully that helps a bit but whenever I record minecraft It's not so much that the fps drops because when i look it still says its above 90 atleast whenever i'm recording but it feels like it's really choppy and like a badly filmed movie. It's one of the latest Imacs and has like 8 gbs of DDR3 ram.

Top 3 Free HD Screen Recorders [with Reviews]

Just as one would expect, it lets you select any part of your screen to have it recorded. The video recording only lasts for seconds on the lite version of this app.

Besides that, you can also enable the mouse click feature, so that it can detect every mouse click that happens and have them included in the recording. By just clicking on the record button you can then choose to record in full screen , a specific region or only using your web camera. Although the recordings are limited to only 3 minutes per video including watermark, they have a lot other features to justify these limitations.

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Moreover, you can also create a task schedule to automatically trigger recording at a day and time of your choosing. Monosnap is a screen capture application that is on par with or probably even better than the once free Droplr. We say better because unlike Droplr, Monosnap is free and includes features like in-built image editing, the option to upload your files to your own server and finally screen recording. This tool is specially designed to record really quick and short screencasts. Two options are provided, namely, 3-minute and 5-minute recordings. That is to say, the output will be no more than 5 minutes.

Anyway, it allows you to record entire screen or custom region.

Best 3 Screen Recorder No Lag to Record Screencast

And both external audio and built-in camera are supported. Screen recording is available either after logging in or without signing in to Quickcast. Once finished, all of your screen video recordings will be saved locally as MP4, and uploaded online to your QuickCast account if you've logged in this free screen recording software for easy sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Email. To make you clear about the features about aforementioned free screen recording software for Mac, we also add a chart for your reference.

Get the Best Screen Recorder with No Lag

Take a few minutes to download this all-in-one program, and then enrich your digital life effortlessly! All rights reserved. Popular Posts. Record Videos. Back up Movies. YouTube Download. Convert Videos. Best 3 Free Screen Recording Programs: Comparison To make you clear about the features about aforementioned free screen recording software for Mac, we also add a chart for your reference.

Comparison Form between the 10 best screen recorders for Mac

Is it a screen recorder with no watermark embedded? Please feel free to share this tutorial if you think it is helpful! Windows 10 Free Upgrade. MKV to MP4.