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genuine Apple Mac Pro 64GB ram, 2 x ghz 6-core 2tb HD. Selling as our studio are selling out our accessories. We got 3 mac pro and i will be listing.

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Eventually, you may even see the "Your disk is almost full" message. At this point, there may not be enough space on your Mac to store temporary files needed for the programs that you're trying to use — you need to free up some space. Check out our guide on how to clear disk space on Mac to find a step-by-step guide on how to make use of each point below:. One of the topics covered is using the fantastic Duplicate Sweeper tool to easily find and remove duplicate files from your Mac.

The more software, programs and applications you install on your Mac, the more processes may run in the background, even when you're not using them. You can significantly increase the performance of your Mac by killing these processes. Then open 'Activity Monitor' by double-clicking it in the list.

Double-click an entry to find out more about the process. You can force the process to stop by clicking 'Quit'. It may be that your Mac is slow when you first power on, but it runs smoothly from then on.

Why Is My Mac Running Slow? 5 Quick Tips to Speed Up Your Mac!

This may be caused by a list of programs and processes starting up automatically when you power on. Mac slow startup fix: Click the lock at the bottom of the window in order to make changes. The list items are processes that will automatically start when you log in to the current user account. If you don't need these programs when you log in, they're slowing you down!

Select the offending items and hit the '-' button to remove them.

The less programs that start when you log in, the quicker your startup will be. When your iMac or MacBook notifies you that there is an update available, it is all too easy to ignore it, and carry on with your important work or conversation with that friend.

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However, this can be detrimental to your Mac's performance. Updating your Mac OS can fix issues and bugs which may increase your computer's battery life, fix security issues and even increase speed! Apple are always looking for ways in which to improve the speed of their operating system, so it's easy to see why older versions of MacOS are generally slower. How to update your Mac: Please note that Apple does not approve of upgrading hardware in their computers. In fact, doing so can invalidate your warranty. That being said, if you're not worried about warranty, there are plenty of tutorials online demonstrating how you can upgrade components of such computers.

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Upgrading an old hard disk drive with a new SSD solid-state drive or adding more RAM to a computer can drastically improve its speed and performance. Jump straight to: Step 1: Explore your desktop thoroughly for unnecessary files or icons. Note, the Mac operating system draws each item onto the desktop, and it takes time to complete this task after every new command. So, we recommend that you remove all unnecessary items, or move them to another folder.

Another of the reasons why your Mac is slow is having too many programs running automatically at login. Yes, it is more convenient when the frequently used apps Skype, Mail, Spotify, etc.

10 Quick Ways to Speed Up a Slow Mac

However, sometimes you hardly ever use them. Disable all login items or leave at least really necessary programs. Or unmark this option right from the context menu in the Dock panel. Some applications store the settings in their own preferences, so you can change the option there. Just launch the app, switch to the Extensions tab and preview all startup programs on your Mac, especially the Launch agents and Login items sections.

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  6. Disable unneeded applications to prevent them running automatically when you login. Delete games and applications that have not been used for a long time. Perhaps they affect the overall performance of the device. Always install all required updates from Apple, downloaded from the App Store apps. Our tips should help you to understand the main reasons your Mac is running slow and how to speed up a Mac. Hope this has been of help. You are here: Home Mac Running Slow — 5 Tips to Improve Mac Performance Despite the fact that the Mac operating system is quite stable and responsive, over time Mac users will find the computer running slow.

    Why is my Mac so slow? The hard drive is full Often MacBook or iMac is running slow because there is almost no free space on the drive.